The first Move Maker volunteers started their shifts on Monday morning (12th May 2014) to coincide with the first patient moves into the Brunel.

They are easy to spot in their brightly coloured T-shirts and will continue to be based around  the new hospital and the Southmead site for three weeks.

Some of the volunteers are based in the old building to help people find their way, while others are inside the Brunel, on hand to help people find their wards and clinics.

Jill Randall, who led the recruitment of the Move Makers, said: “We are really excited that the Move Makers have started as we have been building up to this for months.

“They are all volunteers, so I want to say a huge thank-you to everybody who has given up their time to support us.”

One of the Move Makers, Lyn Deas, said: “I think, having been an NHS worker, it is very exciting to see a well-designed building. I am very impressed by it.”

Another Move Maker, Sue McCall, said: “I saw first-hand how the Games Makers contributed to the Olympics and thought it was a fantastic idea. It is a privilege to be involved, particularly on the first day.”

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